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Animate! Miami

ANIMATE! MIAMI is an event from the team at Super Conventions, organizers of Florida Supercon. It's also an old event, as it's essentially the continuation of Anime Supercon / Animation Supercon under a new name. October 23-25, 2015 will be the 4th Animate! Miami, continuing the nine year legacy of Anime Supercon and Animation Supercon (not to be confused with our main show, Florida Supercon).

For those who are unfamiliar, Anime Supercon (ASC) was our anime/animation event that ran from 2007-2009 when we changed the name to Animation Supercon (ASC), to better reflect the mixed anime/animation focus of the show. After that 4th event, ASC was put on hiatus for a number of reasons. We decided to partner up with a local retailer to help open a new store, the economy was weak, and there was a proliferation of other similar events in the community. Fast forward to 2012... our experiment with the store has come and gone (it's still around, we just have moved on to rededicate ourselves to events), the economy is improving and many of the other events that popped up in our wake are now gone. There are a few other good reasons too. There are always guests that we'd like to bring in for our local community that for one reason or another we can't bring into Florida Supercon. Either their schedules don't work out, or by the time they become available we've already booked Florida Supercon solid. A perfect example of this was Animation Supercon 2009 when we were able to bring in the cast of Futurama. With Animate Miami, we've been able to do big cast groups from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, High School of the Dead, Adventure Time, and Sailor Moon to name a few. A second event, with a focus on anime & animation gives us the opportunity to bring in even more guests and celebrities for the community that would be impossible with just Florida Supercon. Plus, we've gotten requests from a LOT of past attendees from our shows for another event. A lot of people ask me each year if we're going to do Anime / Animation Supercon again... and when I say no, they generally tell me that they'd like the show to return. Based on the number of requests I get, it seems to make sense to bring another event to the area. 

So, why ANIMATE! MIAMI and not Anime Supercon or Animation Supercon? A few reasons. Since the last ASC in 2009, Florida Supercon has grown into a massive 43,000+ person event... in contrast, our 2009 events had approx. 5,000 attendees at Florida Supercon and approx. 2,500 attendees at Animation Supercon. As you can imagine, the Supercon of 2014 is a very different show than the Supercon of 2009, and we don't want anyone to come to ANIMATE! MIAMI expecting the same size event as Florida Supercon... so, we've decided that we're only going to have one event using the Supercon name in the title, and that any other events we do should have a separate name and be able to stand on its own. ANIMATE! MIAMI 2013 had over 5,400 attendees and over 10,000 attendees in 2014. Animate! Miami is meant to embrace the anime and animation community, regardless of the size of the show. We know it will grow over time, but there's no reason to give attendees unrealistic expectations for the event before it even happens. Just know that we're going to put the same energy and dedication into ANIMATE! MIAMI that we put into Florida Supercon each year.. and if you love animation, anime and cosplay like we do, we think you'll have a great time!