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Florida's Largest Anime Convention, ANIMATE! MIAMI returns NOVEMBER 14-16, 2014 for three days of Anime, Animation, Cosplay, Video Games, and Comic Books as we take over the ENTIRE Miami Airport Convention Center. It's a full weekend celebration featuring some of the animation and anime industries' biggest names, world-famous cosplayers, top comic book artists, comedians, entertainers, and much, much more! There will be hundreds of events, such as celebrity Q&A's, costume contests, video games, comedy shows, Florida Super Championship Wrestling (the premiere cosplay wrestling federation), and much more! ANIMATE! MIAMI will take place at the Miami Airport Convention Center and The Doubletree Hotel, 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL. 33126. 

ANIMATE! MIAMI HOTLINE: 954.399.1330, 
ANIMATE! MIAMI will take place at the Miami Airport Convention Center and Doubletree Hotel, 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL. 33126. HOTEL PHONE: 305.261.3800.
Convention Event Hours / Exhibition Room Hours
Friday, 12:00PM - 2:00AM / 12:00PM - 8:00PM
Saturday, 10:30AM - 2:00AM / 10:30AM - 8:00PM
Sunday, 10:30AM - 12:00AM / 10:30AM - 6:30PM



The Doubletree Miami Airport Hotel, located at 711 NW 72nd Ave. Miami FL. 33126, is the host hotel for Animate! Miami. The Doubletree is directly attached to the convention center and has rooms starting at $129 for our event. CLICK HERE to reserve your room today, or go directly to

Book early, as the hotel WILL sell out! Additional "official" off-site hotels will be listed shortly. Book your room by October 12 to guarantee the special rate! After that, we can not guarantee the price of the room.

Ian Sinclair is coming to Animate! Miami

Ian Sinclair is an actor, voice actor, and director best known for his roles as Dandy in Space Dandy, Toriko in Toriko, Romano in Hetalia, Brook in One Piece, Chuck in Panty and Stocking, Bardroy in Black Butler, and Nile Dok in Attack on Titan. 

Ian has been voice acting for FUNimation since he was a sophomore in college, where he studied theatre. Since then he's been working in the Dallas area as a professional actor in a multitude of arenas. He's performed on stage, on camera, and, of course, behind the mic. 

In addition to Space Dandy in Space Dandy, a few of Ian's more popular anime roles include Brook in One Piece, Toriko in Toriko, Ryner Lute in Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Bardroy in Black Butler, Romano in Hetalia, Chuck in Panty and Stocking, Shu in Princess Jellyfish, Dallas in Baccano, Yomotsu Hirasaka (12th) in Future Diary, Orang in Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing, Alcides in Appleseed XII, Seo in Sekirei, Bora in Fairy Tail, Ginei Morioka in Rosario + Vampire, Ian and Itomimizu in One Piece, Shogo in Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Zaki in Claymore, Toyama in Oh! Edo Rocket, Douglas and Steve in El Cazador de la Bruja, Shiro in Okami-san, Daisuke Matsuo in Yamada’s First Time, Marc in Spice and Wolf II, Hasegawa in Baka and Test, Takamy in Fractale, Akoz in Casshern Sins, Toraji in Bamboo Blade, Liam in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Colin in Level E, R in Jormungand, and as Takeru Ohyama in Maken-Ki! Battling Venus.

Additionally, Ian can be heard as the voice of Baron Flynt in the video game Borderlands, Professor Nakayama and Jimbo Hodunk in Borderlands 2, and as the "Cool" custom hero voice in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Ian has worked as a director on Initial D, Spice and Wolf II, both seasons of Black Butler, and The Shana movie.

Susan Roman is coming to Animate! Miami

Susan Roman is an actress and voice actress best known for roles as Sailor Jupiter / Lita in Sailor Moon, Angel in Rock & Rule, Champ Bear in Care Bears, Snowy in Tin Tin, 'The Girl in the Harry Canyon Sequence’ in Heavy Metal, Melissa in The Raccoons, James the Red Tank Engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Hannah Dundee in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Oliver and Judy Tate in Beyblade, Salima in Beyblade V-Force, Callisto and Scarlet Witch in the X-Men Animated Series, and more!

Katie Griffin is coming to Animate! Miami

Katie Griffin is an actress, voice actress, and singer. She is best known for voicing Sailor Mars /Raye in Sailor Moon, Alex in Totally Spies!, Yoko in Team Galaxy, Zair in Redakai, Hikaru in Beyblade, Julie and Sellon in Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and Laugh-a-Lot Bear in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot.

Katie has voiced hundreds of radio and television commercials, sung on numerous radio jingles, and continues to star in popular cartoons. She is married to singer / songwriter Michael Kulas. The couple have two children together. Kulas is famous for his time with indie band, James.

Toby Proctor is coming to Animate! Miami

Toby Proctor is an actor and voice actor best known for his roles as Darien / Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Flash Gordon, and Copycat Ken in Ranma 1/2. 

Toby Proctor has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He started on stage at the age of 8 playing the lead role of Little Lord Fauntleroy at the Confederation Centre for the Performing Arts in Prince Edward Island. He then moved on to performing in many Canadian series as a guest star as well as US features. Toby played Tackleberry in the Warner Brothers series Police Academy in Vancouver for 26 one hour episodes. He also voiced Flash in the Flash Gordon animated series in 1996. Most notably he voiced the character Tuxedo Mask in the series Sailor Moon. Toby has worked alongside the likes of Kathy Bates, Dianne Wiest, Jon Voight and many more. Although he spends most of his time working behind the scenes in casting these days, his most impressive production to date is raising his three little ones, Sydney, Ellie, and Sam with his amazing wife Kaite.

Patrick Seitz is coming to Animate! Miami

Patrick Seitz is an actor / voice actor best know for his roles in anime such as Kill la Kill (Ira Gamagōri), Sword Art Online (Agil), Attack on Titan (Keith), Hetalia (Germany), One Piece (Franky), Bleach (Isshin Kurosaki/Kenpachi Zaraki), Tiger & Bunny (Sky Hight), Sengoku Basara (Motochika), Hellsing (Luke Valentine), Deadman Wonderland (Senji), Durarara (Simon), Fairy Tail (Laxus), FMA: Brotherhood (Sloth), Redline (JP), Black Butler (Agni), Ouran High School Host Club (Nekozawa), Monster (Grimmer), and Sailor Moon (Viz Dub) / Sailor Moon: Crystal (Kunzite). 

On the gaming side of the ledger, Patrick is best known for his roles as Ragna in the BlazBlue franchise, Scorpion in the last few Mortal Kombat titles, Lucian, Kog’Maw, and Renekton in League of Legends, Fenrich in Disgaea 4, Chopin in Eternal Sonata, Dracula in various 2D incarnations of Castlevania, Cervantes in SoulCalibur V, Bob and Hugo in Street Fighter X Tekken, Arthas Menethil and Garrosh Hellscream in World of Warcraft, and a bevy of demonic horrors in Diablo 3.

When we can get him to shut up, Patrick works as a script-adapter and VO director as well, having adapted portions of Steins;Gate, Hellsing Ultimate, Princess Jellyfish, Sengoku Basara, Romeo X Juliet, Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte, and all of Wolf Children and Summer Wars, to name just a few.  His directing credits include Monster, State of Decay, and Girls Bravo, the latter of which he also got to adapt. Patrick Seitz will be appearing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He will be signing autographs for free during scheduled autograph sessions. Check the EVENTS page for scheduled autograph sessions, panels, and events that he will be taking part in.